Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Header Chalenge
Dragon or Damsel Fly by Tom our Fishing guy

Listen and sing-a-long with my Dragon Fly Song

Here's a selection of my Dragon-Damsel fly photos

my Header
This one is a little Beauty

All my photos of Dragon - Damsel fly shots are taken from Grantham Canal and The Wild Flower Farm at Langer.

My Posts
My Damsel Flies Photo from the Wild Flower Farm.
Captured while mating.

My Dragon - fly Photos
 Here's a Dragon Fly after the red berries

 This Dragon Fly was too busy to notice me taking his photo as I changed my lens

come closer
 come closer still

 Hang on - while I change to my 300mm lens - Gottcha.

This one has a liking for Black-berries yum yum yum

 Close-up and a touch of the Blues - such intricate work on the wings and body.

 Still at the black-berries but a little closer

 Heres my Header mate - in a different pose-with an Antique make over

 To finish off with 2 shots of one with a transparent body
I think these creatures are wonderful and so colourful too.

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Lew said...

Exquisite shots of these creatures! I especially like the close ups. And amazing detail with the 300mm lens.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Neat group of critters, loved the last one best.

Craver Vii said...

It must be cold there with the dragonfly from your header wearing a fur coat! I like the precision and details as we look into the helicopter's engine with a 300mm lens.

Adam said...

great dragonflies

Sharon said...

imac! Still blogging I see. I was just looking at old blog posts, you might not even remember me, Sharon from Live Out Loud. Great pictures!!

Linda said...

So beautiful! My favourite is the one on your header!!!

katney said...

Their wings are so delicate. And their eyes so big.

Jackie said...

They dooooo have big eyes, don't they!
Your photographs are beautiful, Stewart.
The colo(u)rs are striking.
Love your work!

ju-north said...

Fantastic shots! Wish mine turned out like this!

RuneE said...

You are a real dragon!

Christine said...

Hi, I love your photos. Okay, that's some extreme macro! Really cool.

I may be one of your new Headbanger members. Waiting on Craver to let me know.

Glad I visited your blog!