Monday, 13 May 2013

A selection of People in St Ives

Here's a collection of  photos of People that we met in St Ives.

Some knew I was photographing them - some didn't.

Some artists, some unknown, some funny.


 Well - not really folk - but name that film?     ------------------------------------------   Hang em High.

 Doris Lindemann in her Studio - Back Road Art Works.

 John Higgins  Artist  -  Member of the Mariners Gallery

 Gulls come a-knocking at our Holiday apartment

 A student helping her friends cleaning up the Sculptures in Barbara Hepworths Garden.

Unknown - Larking around in the sea.

 Guesses written down and sent ? lol

 Terri Bunn - giving a Glass Fusing Session - with left to right = Julie-Terri-Margaret-Carolyn.

 Witches on Parade in St Ives.

 The Shell Seekers, lol

John Clare Artist - with one of his paintings - shown at St Ives Art Club.

 The Cheesey Crumpet  Capers.


 Unknown -

They all had a great Knees -up.    -   Sorry, No Mrs Brown to show.  (Unknown Knees)


Jackie said...

How great to see shots of people as you visit the area.
Love the shell collector photo. That is always a delight to me... To find THAT perfect shell on the beach. Julie looks like she had a great time, and so did you. Wonderful, my friend!

Gattina said...

What a nice collection of different photos ! One week more and I will go on a tour through the UK ! Hopefully the weather will be a little warmer !
Love your new header !

DeniseinVA said...

I liked those photos a lot, I love to people watch even through photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a fun look at all the people!

ju-north said...

A great collection! Loved them all!

Sandy Carlson said...

These are great. These people look like they really like their lives. What a treat. Beautifully done.

Betsy Adams said...

Great shots of the people --and other things!!!! ha....

George and I were 'shell seekers' last week at the beach.... I even had my little bag to put the shells in also!!!!

Hope you have a good week.

Linda said...

What a lovely series of photos. I had to laugh when I saw the gull, as I once saw a video on YouTube where a gull was literally knocking on a window from outside to get a cat's attention. The cat had a bed just at the window. Hilarious.

RuneE said...

Obviously you had a great time :-)

Cezar and Léia said...

Wonderful set of pictures with so great energy and it's very nice to see people enjoying the day!

Lew said...

A man with wife and camera went to St. Ives,
And there took beautiful portraits of many lives!

Portrait of John Clare is great and the shot of the kid on the sea wall!

Rick said...

A great and varied collection Stewart ! The best were on your header !


The beachcombers looked to be in the wrong season.