Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Header Challenge 14-11-12.

Team Change.

We say goodbye to Richard and Christopher who have gone to pastures new.
We wish them all the best for the future.

We welcome 3 New Members
The Return of Sandy -  Lew with his great pics and  Cravervii who is (he says) dipping his toes in for 3 weeks. Im sure he will fall in ------love with us and continue.
To find all the Headbangers 
Go to my side bar  - near my shield and visit their blogs and see their take of Orange.

For our Header challenge This week Tom has chosen ORANGE.

My Music is = by
Back to the 80s Band from The Orange County.

For a change - Ive gone back to Basics and Posted for my Header an Orange
My Header Orange is called 


I thought for a change that I would photograph an Orange so I cut one in half
and on a black coloured cloth - laid a sheet of glass,(always good for reflections) squeezed half orange on the glass and put the other half on the glass - Hope you like it lol.

For my post pic we have 

The Cutting Edge.

Cleaned my sheet of glass - then  laid 2 open pairs of scissors on the glass
and photographed them
Next - on the puter I  turned the photo of the scissors anti clockwise to look better and there we have my Cutting Edge shot.



RuneE said...

You have gone for reflection - a wise move (especially since I like it!).

Linda said...

Wow! That header photo really caught my eye! Love it!

Craver Vii said...

Brilliant! These shots are outstanding, Imac! I like the way the orange's juices are incorporated into the photo. Messy... but in a good way!

katney said...

And what do you leave us with?

Do you know that there is nothing like a good pun?

And that was nothing like a good pun!

Great job, friend, I am afraid you have surpassed me once again, though we went on the same track.

Lew said...

Striking photos! I think I like the scissors better, but a super header! (And a snack after the shutter clicked?)

Gattina said...

The result is terrific ! Very creative ! (I hope you cleaned the kitchen afterwards !!)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Nicely done my friend. Too bad you had to spill all that great Orange juice.

George said...

Both of these photos are marvelous. I really like your Cutting Edge photo, and your header has my mouth watering.

ju-north said...

Love these especially the orange! What a creative household!

Betty Manousos said...

such remarkable photos!
well done! well done!

SandyCarlson said...

These are outstanding, Stewart! You never cease to amaze!

Rick said...

Ah, the power of suggestion - almost drooled on my keyboard when I saw your header ;>)

Nicely done, as is the cutting edge - very creative.

And wonderful shots of Chichester Cathedral.

Anonymous said...

Delicious shots!

DeniseinVA said...

Hi Stewart, well now, your header really blew me away. Absolutely prize-worth!!! Love your take on orange.

I'm trying to get around to as many blogging friends as I can to let let them know that I have finally gone on comment moderation. I've been getting a terrible amount of spam recently, horrendous in fact but at least I can keep it under control now and hopefully it will all settle down soon.

Have a great weekend!

Christopher Frost said...

That's an interesting and creative take on the theme and a worthy gold.
I've been looking for some black velvet or similar heavy material in charity shops for photographic purposes. But not found any yet.

Dar said...

Loved the 'Squeeze Me' orange. the scissors cut me up, too.
Squeeze me, tease me, please me~~~
and you did a wonderful job.

soulbrush said...

Oooh LOVE this, the best- but I think I say this every week! Happy weekend friend.

James said...

Wow! Very cool stuff!