Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Header Challenge 10-10-12 Yellow by Tom.

This weeks Header was chosen by Tom (fishing guy) =YELLOW.

I pondered over a few Yellow photos, unsure,, what to use,----when all of a sudden it hit me ---
Slowly as it sank into my small brain the idea just grew and blossomed.

 This Month 50 years ago the Beatles ((John, George, Paul, Ringo)) had their 1st hit with 
Love Me Do, which reached No17 in October 1962.

50 Years of the Beatles, what a group and so many hits since 1962.

My Header - & - and song, The Yellow Submarine

The Yellow Submarine hit the charts in 1966.
No 1 for 4 weeks and also won the Ivor Novello Award
for the Highest Certified Sales of any Single Issued in the U.k. in 1966.

My Photo of the Yellow Submarine was taken in 2011
while on a cruise in the Canary Islands.
We were on the Island of Grand Canaria, there they have A Yellow Submarine 
which takes holiday makers on a trip below the waves, but at our time of visiting, the Submarine was in Dry Dock for a while.

I was hoping to have a trip below the waves, but for some folk who suffer in confined spaces, its not advisable. 
Me - I suffer from Heights, or that may not be true, maybe a fear of falling could describe me better,
I feel safe when enclosed - Like London Eye, but on the edge of a cliff, my knees start to knock.

I love the way my song pic windows  is very similar to the windows of my Header Pic.

My Post Pic for Yellow.

While in Plymouth, we visited The Hoe (Sir F. Drake?) lol
There folk were walking and exercising their dogs and chasing after balls, rings ect.
Here we see in my Photo this dog chased after YELLOW rubber rings, but lots of them, and he didnt return to his Master - until he had picked ALL of the rings up, one after another, he picked them up until he had them all around his neck and in his mouth. Fascinating to watch.

Time and time again, did this dog  - GO FETCH BOY.

Go visit my fellow Headbangers and see what they have posted for YELLOW.

Good Luck.


ju-north said...

What a unique dog!

richard mcguire said...

Great shot of the submarine

George said...

I think your header was an inspired one for this theme, and you paid tribute to the Beatles as well. I also like the photo of the dog.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: What a great interpertation of the theme. Who doesn't remeber The YELLOW Submarine.

Jackie said...

Your header is a great one...and your photo is splendid....a great interpretation of the theme.
That is some dog!

Craver Vii said...

I used to be afraid of falling, but that is irrational. It's not the falling that gets you... it's the sudden stop at the end. ;-)

Terrific pic! I honestly don't know how I'd feel about a submarine ride.

Christopher Frost said...

I thought about putting a yellow submarine pic on too. One that I saw in Monte Carlo last year. Not a big, or as grand as yours though.

SandyCarlson said...

That's one motivated dude. Love it!

Rick said...

Superb header, Stewart ! And love that photo of the dog - what a performer !

One of my daughters (who loves classic rock) is jealous that I grew up in an era when each week there were new great hits to be heard - I grew up with the Beatles (among many other fabulous groups - although none quite as good as the Fab Four).

Look forward to the theme.

Linda said...

Very cool dog. I love that yellow submarine, photo and song! Great post!

Dar said...

Oh, the Beatles were the greatest ever. Life seemed easier back then when I was growing up with awesome hits by one great group after another. Groupy years. Life was so fun.
BlessYa and ThanksForTheMemories

Only thing is, I cannot believe it's been 50 yrs. Man, that makes

BlueShell said...

I do love the Beatles...And you header is splendid. The dog is awesome!
Congrats!!!(I just can't find your fellow see what they posted ...for yellow)

Betty Manousos said...

gorgeous shots!
love that yellow submarine (oh, the beatles!!) and the pup!

great captures.

Anonymous said...

That dog shot is brilliant! And I love the submarine in your header too.

Lew said...

You got a good one this time!