Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Garden Art.

 Garden Art - taken 1-10pm today - 21-10-12.

1/ This one is my favourite, Drain-pipe pieces in a plant pot covered in spiders web, with dew drops on - with an  Antique filter.

 2/ Leaves in a blue plant pot full of rain water with leaves in.

 3/ Cat tail in focus with an Antique filter.

 4/ Garden ornament.
 5/ Grass blades with dew drops on.

 6/  Leaves-stones-sticks, with dew drops on.

 7/ Leaf.

 8/  Leaf 2

 9/  2 Fuschsia heads with dew drops on.

 10/ 1 Fuchsia Head and Leaves with Dew Drops on.

 11/ Pyrocanthia berries.

 12/ Rusty bell wind chime.

 13-14/ Garden ornaments.

15/  Window Sticker on D/Ws studio.

 16 - 17/ Wooden wind Twirler.

18/ Looking inside a Water Butt with a water drop making ripples with a boarder makeover.


Dar said...

' Dew ' continue your visions.

ju-north said...

What an interesting garden you have!

ancient one said...

Loved them all... beauty in everything...

Christopher Frost said...

Nice trip around your garden. Could almost smell the dampness in the autumnal air.

Adam said...

I love it