Saturday, 20 October 2012

3rd Day in Derbyshire

 On the way to Millers Dale --

 Car parked - walking boots on -  and off we go

 A little colour.

 Nice to see, no traffic -

 Cliff climbers getting ready -  we will be back,,

 Across this bridge

 We pass this stream

 Another mill renovated

 Made into Holiday apartments

 Back to the river

 Any at home??

 Love how this tree grows over the wall

 Passing the cliff climbers - see the chappie near the top - in white?

 Pass this quaint little fall

Back to the little village and the car ---------- Home time.
Hope you have enjoyed our Derbyshire trip.


Linda said...

Absolutely stunning! Thank you so much for this wonder filled tour!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Fun trip Mac, love the captures from nature.

Christopher Frost said...

What, no pub or cafe for some tea and cake? You have to have tea and cake during a walk in the country

Adam said...

I love the photo of the bridge

Gattina said...

Beautiful place to visit ! I am surprised, that you have quiet a quick season change ! The first day looked like summer, the second like spring because of the daffodils and now the third the trees are naked, so I suppose that they did their striptease in 2 days ? (hehehe, or am I wrong ?)

Cezar and Léia said...

It's a very nice place, I like the bridge structure and the nature around!

Dar said...

Oh my, what a wonderful walk. You live in fascinating countryside that I see through your minds eye. I thank you for that, Stewart.

RuneE said...

A real cliffhanger this one :-)