Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sailing into Stockholm

 Cruising through many little Islands to Stockholm.

 Welcome to Stockholm.

 Heading for the old part of Stockholm

 Walking down a narrow alley I came across this wonderful Building.

 There are many ally ways to discover

 Me Too.

 Anyone for a carriage ride?

 One of many statues in Stockholm - not sure who he is, but reminded me of William Tell,lol.

 Stockholms Gnome,lol.

 Love these buildings and their colours

 Another narrow alleyway.

 Whats going on here then?  - we were certainly lucky to see this, Bands and Marching in the Square

 What a really great show they put on, fantastic to watch and capture.
 Cant have a post with no flowers, so here's a couple of pics that caught my eye.

 Great to see a fountain too.

 We cant leave Stockholm without showing the River-s of Stockholm.
What a fantastic day we all had in Stockholm - before we  ----
Depart Stockholm - sailing through these wonderful Islands as the sun sets.


ju-north said...

Scenery overload! Fantastic sights!

RuneE said...

I see you have been visiting our neighbours - even found a real Swede with a red cap! :-)

The exit from Stockholm is fabulous.

ancient one said...

Enjoyed this post, as usual !! Always a treat to visit...

Anonymous said...

Oh, lovely pictures of where I live! So glad you found the Old Town... that last shot is amazingly gorgeous!

Denise said...

Very cool pictures from your trip. Stockholm looks like a wonderful place and how neat you got to see the marching band.

Staffan H said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your stay in Stockholm and you got a load of great captures too.

@ RuneE: I wonder what he possibly would have found in Oslo... ;-)

George McKay said...

Thanks, imac, for providing us with these armchair adventures - seeing the world through your Minds Eye. You do it well...