Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Listen to Mungo Jerry - Summer time. While you check-out my Header and Posts.

I want to share with you all, one of our most Magical Golden Moments of our lives
for this weeks Header - The Best of Summer by Kathy.

We were informed that before we reach Stockholm we will be cruising through 1000s 
of little Islands, which would take us about 4 hours approx before coming along-side the harbour of Stockholm. We would arrive at the small Islands at around 4am.
Have you ever been up at 4am to take photographs??

I have twice, the 1st one being up at 4am cruising through the Norwegian Fjords
(but thats another story)

Julie and I was on deck at 4.30am, Just before the sun shone above  the clouds
When the Sun broke through - Ive never experienced such a Wonderful Golden Ocean
as this - Just like a Liquid Gold Ocean (My Header) What an amazing sight,
you can see how we weaved around these Islands by the Golden ripples where we travelled 
disturbing the mirror like ocean.

My Posts are in two parts.
part one.
Photos of cruising to Stockholm thru the Islands with the Sunrise.
What such beauty you are about to see with the Sunrise.

and part two.
Photos cruising back from Stockholm - thru the Islands 
What Joy to see the Sun Setting and the stunning shots for your eyes.

Oh, you all are in for such a treat this week.

I hope you enjoy.

Part One.

 Cannot explain the feeling at 4.30am, only a hand full of passengers up and seeing the most beautiful sight of the Rising Sun - on a cruise ship.
 Julie never made it up for Norway, so she wanted to see just what I was raving about -
 A sin to shoot into the Sun?? - I'll leave you to decide or not.
 On the Sky Deck over looking the small swimming pool
 Reflections to die for--
 On the upper deck
 The other side on the upper deck.

My Header - Really unbelevible the Gold sea - Talk about feeling you are in Heaven - AMAZING.

Part two.
The return journey - The Sunset.

 Amazing how many Yachts sail these Islands at sunset.

 Julie waving to folk on one of the Islands, as the sun shone on her.

 And here are those folk.

 Sunsetting - Reflections.

 And what better way  to  end the evening than sitting on the balcony watching as the setting sun warms our Brandy.    Cheers.


Please check-out the other Headbangers for their take on - The Best of Summer.

Good Luck.


Gattina said...

I wished I would have seen this too ! It looks almost unreal ! A golden sea !
Yes I have been up at 4am to watch a sunrise in Egypt. Sometimes in even here at 5 there are beautiful sunrises.
I just came back from Eastbourne.

Ann Nichols said...

What a lovely journey! Thanks so much for taking the time to share it!!!
Happy sailing!

Darla said...

This is yet another wonderful reason to rise early and seek the Lord! Gorgeous!

Filip and Kristel said...

Cruising is great. We just love it. We were there in June with the Celebrity Constellation.


ju-north said...

Gorgeous! and that's just Julie!

George McKay said...

Looks pretty idyllic!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: That was a beauty of a summer cruise. Thanks for sharing your photographic talents.

katney said...

Well done, my man. Your photography will beat out my tomatoes, but not taste as good. Nothing like a cruise for wonderful photos--unless it is a wander through a medieval cathedral with good friends.

Julie said...

Thank you Julia :-) It was worth getting up for these sights, and we saw a white tailed eagle too! Wonderful!

Denise said...

Breathtaking photos!!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!! The times I have been up at such an early hour is when we have had a time change and it has always been glorious. Please tell Julie how much I love her spotted hat.

Christopher Frost said...

That was worth getting up early to see. I bet you needed a nap later though. Hope you didn't fall asleep in your cornflakes!

Anonymous said...

It only took me half an hour to scroll down to this bit of your page, LOL. So jealous of you two!
Would have loved to have seen all those places and I'm getting itchy feet now! :-)) The photos are beautiful and you've visited some stunning places.
What a birthday treat! And a belated Happy Birthday to Julie! :-)

Dar said...

I feel so blessed. Thank you so much for allowing me to travel the ocean sunrise and sunset with you. The golden waters were astounding. I am up early every morning but do not have such watered sunrises to love. And the warm wine at sunset...what a glorious cruise.

SandyCarlson said...

I'm raising my glass to these photos. And sin away with that camera taking in the sun. Thanks for these.

RuneE said...

A highly recommended tour :-)

Tom said...

A beautiful set of pictures... I also enjoyed your words which painted their own picture of a lovely holiday.

Jackie said...

Since I couldn't see this for myself, I count myself blessed to be able to see it through your lens.
Tell Julie that I LOVE her cap in the photo of her waving the the people of the island.

Anonymous said...

Wow - what stunning shots. Pure magic! The Scandinavian white night are beautiful.

Craver Vii said...

I'd say you were crazy to get up at 4, but the pictures were totally worth it! You were after all recompensed in "gold."

Lew said...

Marvelous sequence of photos!! The golden sunrise is especially pleasing to the eye. (And I am a believer in shooting into the bright light.)

ancient one said...

Loved your header and all the others... beautiful, beautiful !!

Linda Higgins said...

What a wonderful relaxing cruise! NO it is not a sin to shoot into the sun, one of my favorite shots I took was just pointing my camera into the sun over the roof of a neighbors house during the sun was amazing, it looked like an explosion! Umm the brandy shot at the end of the day looks so romatic! and Julie waving to the people on the shore...what a wonderful little story!