Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Header Challenge 09-05-12 = Drs&Nurses by Christopher.

Header Challenge this week is Christophers choice and he picked (Doctors and Nurses).....

My Music is by the Beatles singing Dr Robert.

Being a retired Hospital Porter - I know how hard the Doctors and Nurses work to care and look after their patients, working many hours under duress from the cuts made from the bosses  - trying to save money - (funny how they always seem to cut from  the bottom of the ladder first tho?) 
But what about those that are behind the scenes?  
The Secretaries, the ward clerks, the domestics and cleaners, the folk who serve lunch and brings that much welcome cuppa, kitchen and restaurant folk, the works dept who mend all the leaks ect, 
Also the many many more depts that I have not mentioned

My apologies to anyone whom I have missed.

But - Today Im supporting the Porters, and my header and some posts are of Pat-the porter and his retirement.
My header is most of the porters(except the night porters) who serves or served our Hospital.

My 1st post pics is of the retirement cake (with a photo of the porters in icing).

2nd pic - the Presentation.

3rd pic - Some nurses giving our Pat a kiss or 2


Now - here's a bonus - A TV program in the UK called Deal or No Deal - (where contestants open boxes with money amounts in - and the banker tries and offers you an amount  for you to deal  - say no deal and you keep opening boxes to see if you can win a quarter of a million pounds)
Funny tho this weeks theme is Doctors and Nurses and heres Noel Edmonds as a doctor and the players dressed as Drs and Nurses.
Well - folks - just pop along and see what the other Headbangers have come up with for Drs and Nurses.
You will find my friends on my side bar - near my shield.

Just a reminder - we are now short of 2 players --- Do YOU want to play???
Then contact any Headbanger please.
Good Luck.


Craver Vii said...

Congratulations to Pat the Porter on his retirement. That is a good thing to remember all the rest of the people who help us and don't get noticed as much as the doctors and nurses. We need them, too!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Cool post, does a porter take the patients around the hospital? It was interesting to see you in your hospital outfit.

Gailsman said...

Oh Mr Porter, what can I do?
I wanted fish for dinner, but I've ended up with Stew!

SandyCarlson said...

You always have a great take on this meme. Great shots.

Betty Manousos said...

congrats to mr pat the porter on his retirement. i really enjoyed your photos, was interesting to see you in your hospital outfit.

Cezar and Léia said...

I love your header, a beautiful portrait of you all!

Jackie said...

I always love to learn and would love to learn more about what a porter does in your hospitals...
Kind of you to include the ones that are generally forgotten: the ones behind the scene.
Lovely photo and to be incorporated into the cake is wonderful.
Glad that you and your wife got the postcard. It seems to have taken 3 or 4 trips around the world before arriving at your door. The mail...sigh. What can I say!! :))
Hugs and love,

Linda said...

A really nice post...and I love your header!

Anonymous said...

Very nice post ! My friend in Eastbourne is a retired nurse and I know what a hard job she had all those years !

RuneE said...

I didn't know you had retired completely, but I understand. My wife is a secretary at our local hospital ...