Saturday, 7 April 2012

Wightwick Manor++

Wightwick Manor info here =
National Trust House. Wolverhampton UK.

We had a day out Thursday on A&PCoaches.
Wightwick Manor is a great place to visit and with lots of history.
Here's a few shots just to show you whats it all about,don't forget to visit my link to see all the history.

 Look at the beauty in the brickwork here.

 A shot from within - as it would have looked from their eyes.

And the lake.
We only had just over 2 hours to see all. A Place thats worthy a visit.


BlueShell said...

Indeed! I wish I could visit that beautiful place. You are lucky...You could SEE all that beauty! And thank you for sharing with us...

Cezar and Léia said...

Very interesting architecture and soothing atmosphere...
God bless you!

George said...

Two hours doesn't seem like much time to see this beautiful place. The brickwork is amazing, especially on the chimneys.

Ann Nichols said...

Just beautiful! I love that weather-vane!
Happy Easter!

SandyCarlson said...

That brickwork is amazing. That is a gorgeous place.

Lew said...

Very impressive! They certainly knew how to build on a grand scale back then.

Anonymous said...

I do love old English manor houses. Lovely shots!

Rick said...

Beautiful architecture Stewart. Those buildings look to be from a toy set - almost unreal.

Loved your 'Monet' header too !

Happy Easter Stewart.

BlueShell said...

Thank you for visiting and commenting. That is an honor to me. I do Appreciated!
have a wonderful blessed Sunday.

soulbrush said...

There is just something so alluring about these buildings. Sigh. Have a happy easter friend.