Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Nottingham Weekend away

Saturday afternoon we were invited to "Frosty Towers" - Gail and Christophers home, where we were made very welcome and with a nice cuppa and choccy biscuit.
The 2 ladies decided to stay in and have a natter - Christopher looked at me and said shall we go out with our cameras, I didnt need asking twice,lol.
Christopher drove us to Beeston Quay to see the sun setting over the river.
Here are some of my photos ------

 Tis said that this empty old building could be "Haunted"??

 Bye bye sun

 This power station caught my attention and I photographed it a dozen or so times,lol what caught my eye was the smoke/steam whatever colour and patterns with the sun going down.

 Aboard the Frosty-tanic came the shout " splice the mainbrace matey Mac --  "Aye aye Captain Christopher , came the reply...

 As we sank beneath the waterline with the sun.............

 More from the Power Station

 There's a few folk living on these barges you know, and with the cold night closing in - these folk stoke their fires up

 Plane and its trails going somewhere?

 Along with this boat off to see the sea?

 Plane trails catches the sun on its way to a watery death.

 I think this is my best shot from the Power Station - which do you favour out of all these Smoky Joes??

Back to Frosty Towers and another cuppa from Gail - then off to feed our selves for a Carvery and a pint.
But poor Jack - sorry  Christopher stood there like a stalk waiting for his beans to arrive -------after 2 plates of veggies they appeared but our Jack - sorry Christopher was not a happy bunny. -- but after a word with the manager we all ended up with(out a bean) , sorry with a smile.

So it was time to bid our fair wells to Gail and Christopher as they drove us back to Nottingham.
Julie and I REALLY  enjoyed their company, they are wonderful hosts, Thank-you Jack-er Robin - sorry Christopher and Gail for everything - and being our friends.


Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

these are absolutely exquisite shots!! it's really hard to pick a favourite.

thank you for brightening my day!

fantastic views, too.

Julie said...

You got some beautiful shots my darling. Happy Valentine's Day Xxxx

Linda Higgins said...

ummm yes I agree the last and your favorite is also my favorite of the power stack. Is it bitter cold? I feel so blessed to have a warm cozy house to live in! I think all in all it turned out to be a lovely evening and visit with friends don't you! Of course you do...I am eating chocolate! from my sweetheart! yummmmm

Gattina said...

Gorgeous pictures and a I felt like in "Escape to the country" without the house buying of course !
I love caveries, around Eastbourne and Hastings there are quiet a few very good once !

Craver Vii said...

Excellent set. I appreciate the vicarious visit.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love those reflections. I love water and sky and that is what I prefer to paint.

Gailsman said...

A great two days was had by all. Here's to the next time you scurvy dog!

Jackie said...

Stewart, your shots of the power station look amazingly like the plant near here. I pass by and look at its reflection in the pool of water all the time and think that I want to photograph it. I'm going to do that and send it to you to compare. Beautiful shots, Stewart.
I like the 7th photo...and I think that's because it looks so much like the scene I see almost every day. I had to look twice to make sure it wasn't the same place...but I know that it isn't. I'm here in the Southern USA! :))
Smiles to you,

George McKay said...

The Beeston "Quayitude" of the "magic hour" beautifully captured.

ancient one said...

Boats and water are my favorites...

SandyCarlson said...

Oh, these are great. I would love to spend time among the people who live on those barges. What an interesting life. I wonder how I would cope like that.

Your photos are beautiful. Even the power plant seems to be an oversized uncle whose mere presence warms a room.

George said...

I really like the sunset photos with those wonderful reflections in the water.

Lanny said...

A plethora of intriguing pictures. Some for their beautiful colors and shapes and some for their hints at a whole nother life.

Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Imac,
Spectacular scenery, your pictures are very beautiful, impossible to choose one because I'm delighted by all!

YesBut said...

Great series.

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