Sunday, 6 November 2011

Stalking The Stag - to photograph

Yesterday Saturday 05-11-11,  my mate BH and I decided to visit Belton Grounds from the Lions Gate to see if we could capture the Stag and Deer by camera. so around 2pm we entered the gate and started to walk a little, no deer or stag to be seen.It was also a little damp and misty.

We have to go further, so now - which way "I wonder" straight on or to the right.
Lets go straight on says BH - so on we go

We get to where the Lake is (not the 2 top lakes in the grounds - but half way from the Lion Gate to the House) Lake, when we saw a little movement
Shhh, BH says just over that hump --

Heres the lake

We bob down into the long grass, and we see some deer

We take a few shots of the Deer - then decide to hunt for the Stag

 We walk through the Autumn leave and cross the bridge

 BH whispers - just over there - the Stag is sitting just over there -
So we shoot off a few shots.
Here - there is no fence between us and the Stag.

Lets try and get closer - You go round that way and Ill go round this way shhh

 The Stag hears us - He gets up and moves away
But - Wait - he stops again and starts to nibble on the grass --we move in closer - closer - a little more

Hey - this is great - just great we shoot of a few more shots - now - 
what we want is ---wait for it ----

Thats it - just perfect - he looks at us ---snap snap snap

A perfect shot on a perfect days shoot.


Abraham Lincoln said...

Beautiful pictures...

Gailsman said...

Glad you had a good time and found what you were looking for. BH looks a fun guy. A real cheeky chappie

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: What a neat deer with a great rack. I had a buck cross the road in front of me last night at dusk, no photos.

Teacher's Pet said...

I love each photo....and even if you hadn't seen the deer, your day looks heavenly to me.
I'm glad that you got the shots you wanted. They are great!!!
I especially love the reflections in your photos, lovely.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful images, great story and I am so glad that you were shooting with cameras.

Lanny said...

Stupendous! Glad you and your friend got off some excellent shots. What a delightful day to have. Absolutely delightful! The non deer pictures are as awesome as the deer pictures. Very inspiring and entertaining. Nice wellies by the way, but why turn the tops down? Fashion or purpose?

Yesterday we had some cavorting going on down in the Market Garden, One buck and his three gals. All three of us wished we had the camera with us. Dirt assured me they weren't eating just playin' round. Well when I went out to check on the progress of my cauliflower I found that someone in the group needed a little snack to keep their energy up! Two hunters in their truck slowed down, I suppose to wish they could have hunted here. After I saw my cauliflower I think I would have obliged them legal or not!

Dave said...

Looks a great day out, I especially like the 4th pic, of the long grass great DOF. The stag was very obliging for you at the end too nice shot!

Lew said...

Great hunting with your camera! We have a lot of deer around here, but I have not seen any stags with antlers like those!

katney said...

Perfect outing!

Coy said...

Lovely stag imac! I love how you told the story of the stalk in pictures.