Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Header Challenge 03-08-11 - "Greeting" by Lanny.

Greeting was Lannys choice for our Header Challenge this week.

My Take on this is Friendship Greeting Cards - as I often make Greeting Cards with my photos and sell at Christmas Fayres.

My Header is a Greeting Card of  a Bouquet of roses and is dedicated to all my friends and fellow bloggers.
You are never alone when you have friends that greet you with a smile every time they see you.

My music is  a piece that is tranquil and relaxing Greeting Card, so just sit back and listen - relax - as you look at my posts of Greeting Cards.

My 1st Greeting Card is a collection of my Rainbows - after storms - when the sun shines once more
Who needs that Pot of Gold, when all the while we have God and Nature give us so much more than Gold.

My 2nd Greeting Card is a collection of my Sunsets.
What better than to sit in your garden with a drink - (a pint 4 me) and watch the sun go down
in all its Glory. - That forever changing sky.
Also lets not forget those sun rises that send their Greetings to everyone in the morning.

My 3rd Greeting Card to you all is a selection of Reflections from Belton House Grounds,
Its pure magic when you see a great Reflection - as you walk up to the Lake, there - just there-
is all these reflections just awaiting to give you all their Greetings.

My 4th Greeting Card to you all is - Places to visit nr Grantham.
Top Left is Belton House.
Top Right is Belvoir Castle.
Bottom Left is Harlaxton Manor, now used by the University of Evansville from the USA.
Bottom Right is Cogglesford Mill at Sleaford.
All these places will give you a real great Greeting.

My 5th Greeting Card is of Grantham - (my Home Town)
Top Left St Wulframs Church.
Top Middle is The Guildhall Grantham's Art Centre.
Top Right is Newtons Apple - Yes Sir Issac Newton was born very near to Grantham and went to the Kings School here too.
Bottom Left is Harrowby Mill.
Bottom Right is one of the oldest Pubs in Grantham called the Blue Pig.
So this is Greetings to you all from Grantham.

My 6th Greeting Card to you is  - Dorothy the Bear Visits Grantham.
2009 Dorothy was sent over from USA to spend 2 weeks with the Macs on her World Tour, by 2010 she would be Greeted with all her stories from around the World by a school in the USA,

My 7th Greeting Card is a complete file of my photos.
Enlarge and see what you can recognise here
 to greet you with.

My 8th and last Card is Christmas - I know - I know its only August, but it makes a great 
Greeting Card to you all. An early Merry Christmas.


Dont forget to visit and give your Greetings  to all the Headbangers.
You will find these folk and friends on my side bar - just underneath my Header.
Greeting and Good Luck to you all.


Cezar and Léia said...

Dorothy!So nice to see you here!I've missed you so much! :)
Thanks so much for these lovely greetings, they are all beautiful!
Love the roses, I can smell their perfume here!It's wonderful!
Very well done!

Dave said...

Merry Greetings to you too and Thank you for the roses they are beautiful.

Teacher's Pet said...

God paints with the most beautiful colors! I love your Greeting Cards, Stewart. I looked at each one and see the beauty of nature and the feel the warmth of friendship. Thank you for the roses!

Craver Vii said...

What a treat! I got lost in the maze of #7. I will need to go back again in a little while and see what I missed the first time.

Becca's Dirt said...

I love your greeting cards. Especially like the cuddly bear cards. Gorgeous photos.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Each of those last set of cards could make their own separate Christmas Cards... Beautiful --all of them..

Nice collages.

Gailsman said...

You've certainly come up roses with this one Stewart. All those flowers and not a single thorn. We must share a drink or two in the Blue Pig. Sounds a real smugglers pub to me!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Very nicely made with style. Are those roses for me?

George said...

You've certainly made it hard to pick out a favorite greeting card. I love the roses, but the sunset card is beautiful as well. To be honest, I love them all.

Linda Higgins said...

wow! I almost started to cry when I saw all those roses. I felt like they were just for me! Thank you!

ancient one said...

Beautiful greeting cards... the rainbows were special...

Rick said...

These are wonderful greeting cards, Stewart ! Comprised of many beautiful shots. Nice to view with the music in the background.

Greetings !

Lanny said...

I was going to attempt to say the one I like best but then I found I could not. All are scrumptious in their own right. But your song, lovely as it is, so warm and tender, I thought for sure I get a crazy seventies song about greeting. Isnt' there one?

Denise said...

Hi Stewart, very, very impressive. Your greeting cards are magnificent. Love your header and enjoyed the music too. Thank your for brightening my day.

SandyCarlson said...

Back atcha, Mac. These are wonderful collages. I always love the greeting I find on your blog!

Lew said...

And greetings to you. What a wonderful set of colages of the places you have been and photographed! Fantastic!