Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Header Challenge 19-01-11 = Missing.

Hello folks - its time for our Header Challenge again - Lanny-TomF/G-Gailsman-Dave and myself(imac) change our headers each week for a challenge, and the one thats voted the best gets the Gold shield for a week ---- and talking about gold, my 1st pic in my Post is going for Gold - Taken in Florence on the bridge of Gold shops - here is a fitting photo for Lannys theme "Missing" as a tray of Gold is Missing from the shop window.

My 2nd pic for our Challenge is a Rusty old shoe Missing? wonder how long its been here too.(notice its of Gold colour,lol.

My 3rd pic is - this little chappie ran out into the mud with his wellies on and got stuck, his Dad came to rescue him and pulled him out of the mud, but without his wellies? His poor Mum had to go and rescue his wellies for him. Wonder if the wellies were Gold colour - like his Gold-ish socks?.

Well - time I told you about my Header - Its a photo when the Grantham Memorial was erected and blessed. - see the info on the memorial.

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ju-north said...

That old shoe looks familiar! Like these images - good fun!

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Wonderful photos, Stewart! Each one tells a lot of stories.
I love all of them, especially the second one.


Brit Gal Sarah said...

Love the old show and that gold display, it reminds me of the shops in Turkey. Kids are always in trouble with mud.

Sunny said...

Always fun to see your 'Challenge' pictures. I really like your header pic but I'm curious as to the starting date of 1945.
☼ Sunny

Cezar and Léia said...

It takes two parents to rescue a child, shoes included... :)
God bless you!

Darla said...

Oh Imac, your header does cause one to stop and reflect....thanks!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Nicely done my friend, beautiful choice. So if wellies are shoes, then that is what the small chap is missing. LOL
We may speak English but Lanny and I learned something this week.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Great photos using the theme, Missing... My fav is the little boy who got stuck in the mud... What are 'wellies'???? I know they are shoes of some kind or boots... Never heard that word.

George said...

You selected a wonderful photo for your header, but all of them fit the theme very well. I was glad to learn that the boy's wellies were rescued.

Gailsman said...

See you had a fun time trawling through your archives for these little gems.

Lanny said...

Ahh that is a very good picture for missing. Certainly many a lives are missed.

And I feel a kinship to the little fella missin' his wellies. Did the same when I went to check on a particualar tree the other day. Won't mention who stood by, pint in hand, laughing at me as I tried not to spill mine and retreive my foot and its dressing. Quite frankly, I've been searching for a perfect pair of wellies myself recently, I've become very picky. None found, well none in my price range.

Your jewlery case photo is the sort I thought I would find this week. None presented themself and no time to search. Good collection.

Rick said...

I like your header Stewart - very poignant !

And the 'missing' photos were very apropos - esp. liked the 2nd with (or without) the rusty old shoe - the real question about what's missing is where's the body that once wore the shoe(s) ?

Nice work !

Lew said...

Excellent choice for the theme. The gentleman in the picture looks like he knew many of the missing.

joey said...

I so enjoy your header challenge and love for photography. I'm blessed to connect and enjoy your stunning work.

Dave said...

Sounds like you are trying to "go for gold" this week my friend.