Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Header Challenge 20-10-10 - Sepia.

I'm posting early this week, as a short blogging break, while,
I'm working down at Mum in laws, will be back on line Saturday.

Welcome bloggers and Headbangers, twas my choice this week
and I've chosen Sepia.

My Header has been altered to Sepia, its from our holiday dream place-
-St Ives and its Lighthouse.

My post pics are -
1) An old bone shaker car.
2) An old pub
3) A pint and Pork Pie.

All my post pics are from Beamish.

Please visit the other Headbangers
and leave your comments.
You will find all these nice folk
on my side bar - just under my Header.

Cheers, ev1 have a wonderful week.
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RuneE said...

A sepia pint??? ;-)

That car suited sepia very well.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Very cool photos of the lighthouse and the old car.

Craver Vii said...

Pork pie. I really have to try that some time.

Teacher's Pet said...

The reflection of the lighthouse on the water is beautiful!!!

katney said...

It's fun seeing which of one's photos will look well in sepia or black and white.

Dave said...

Your header this week goes quite nicely into sepia. It adds more drama to the shot.
I also see the pint has got your name on it, what a surprise!

Lanny said...

Crum, its only elevenish here and now that I've seen your last photo all I can think about is tea time, which I rarely take with "tea" but substitute a bit of some sort of brew or one of Dirt's wines, they seem to take the creak out of my work-weary bones better than tea. And now when I think sepia I think - beer!

I really like the lighthouse shot. A warmer sea scape can not be found I'm sure!

Gailsman said...

I'll take the pint, but you can keep the pork pie, even if it is from Melton Mowbray!

Rick said...

Great header mac ! The sepia treatment on your other photos works very well - must try it sometime myself.

Enjoy the break - we're off to a wedding in Denver this weekend.

Denise said...

I do love these sepia photos, they take me back in time :) Love your header photo too. You are a very sweet son-in-law to go help out like that. I'm m-in-l appreciates it.

George said...

I don't know how you chose a 'best' one to be your header. All of these sepia photos are simply wonderful. Don't work too hard at you Mum in laws.