Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Last couple of hours on Holy Island

After our blogging friends (Julia and Keith) left, we went down to the beach.
DW did a spot of beach combing and I was photographing.
Suddenly it gets very misty and the dark clouds loomed overhead.
We decided to get some fish and chips from the Hotel and ate out on a bench, as the clouds started to disperse and we didnt get a drop of rain from thosse clouds.

NOW SHOWING at my new blog - Cream of the Crop  -- Monets Water Lilies.


George said...

You must be living right to not get a drop of rain on you from those clouds. Your sky pictures are both dramatic and beautiful.

ju-north said...

Now we know what we missed! Beautiful!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Wow---you didn't get any rain from those clouds???? That's amazing.... When we were driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway last Thursday, the clouds were getting more and more 'wicked looking'.... We knew there was rain all around.... And we finally got SOME---but later found out that there had been some severe weather in the area...We got lucky--just like you did.

Great pictures.

Gailsman said...

You can't beat eating fish and chips in the open air. I don't know why. Maybe its something to do with the air itself, or the fact that you are eating out of paper instead of on a plate.
Watch out for the seagulls though!

Teacher's Pet said...

Gorgeous...absolutely beautiful. Those clouds were put there for you...and they are beautifully captured.
I love each photo...enlarge each one...and am always touched with the beauty.