Sunday, 4 July 2010

Still in search of the White Lady

These are the original stairs of the Hall, not in use any more.
It is said that the White Lady can be seen here at times?.

2) going up by the stairs that are now in use, certainly lots of shadow casting gives the old spine a chill, and notice the left side at the bottom of the photo??


3) Top of the original stairs.

4) The Rocking chair room, where it is said - these chairs rock on their own?
Me being me lol, I set a chair rocking and went into the next room, well 2 little ladies went in next and I heard one say"hey look its rocking on its own" - tut tut What a naughty little man I am -snigger.

TO BE CONTINUED - in search of the white lady.
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Jan said...

As well as Ghosts the living can be mischeivous too Jan xx

Gail's Man said...

LOL. Are you sure The White Lady is one of the pubs down the road!

soulbrush said...

oooh what a lovely header -is that your grandchild/ boy or girl? your son or daughter? aren't they all too precious for words, look at the circle of love.

Rick said...

An interesting photo story mac! And aren't we a bit naughty!!

Sunny said...

Naughty you! Next you'll be telling us that you're the White Lady - haha!
☼ Sunny

Krista said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Stewart that cracked me up. That is so something I would do, with the chairs. I want to go visit some serious museum with you one day ok? haha! Good times! :o)