Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Artists - their work and Rain

Florence is well known for its Artists and their work.
Here's one and his work - while folk gather in the Square.

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Darla said...

Very interesting...

Anonymous said...

That artist's caricatures are superb. Great pictures Imac :o)

Gail's Man said...

If you'd have known, you could have taken a few cards and pictures to flog to the locals. I'm sure you would have had a few sales.

Anonymous said...

An old friend of mine was a school teacher like me.

We used to meet once a year for a state conference in Columbus.

I would tell him how I was working my ass off to put food on the table for me, my wife and our five kids.

He would tell me how much money he was making, at $20.00 each, drawing caricatures like these of people at the county agricultural fairs.

Don't seem fair to me.

Living is so difficult these days
And the cost of breathing is awfully high.
Sometimes when I think how it used to be
I feel like I'm gonna cry.

Abraham Lincoln
My Birds Blog

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love that artist's caricatures. I noticed one of Obama. Very funny!!

Tom said...

I wonder it the did water colours ;o)

Sunny said...

I really like the 'ocean of umbrellas'.
☼ Sunny