Saturday, 1 August 2009

Waterfalls - The 7 Sisters and The Suitor.

The 7 Sisters Waterfalls

2 of the Sisters - close up shot

The Suitor

Or known as the Whisky or Gin Bottle.
(as you can see by the waterfall)

The story of the 7 sisters and the Suitor.

The Suitor wanted to marry one of the sisters
but could not get across the Fjord
one by one the 7 sisters married
The Suitor was so upset the he took to the bottle.

Sailing into Geiranger

There's quite a few spectacular photos here
so the next few posts are of
Around Geiranger and the Mountains and Lakes.

dont forget to click to enlarge and Enjoy.


JaviZ said...

Nice series with a great sisters story! :)

Gattina said...

I thought the pictures don't look at all as the 7 sisters I know ! and indeed, mine are located at the English South Eastcoast near Eastbourne and look completely different, lol ! I didn't know that there were other 7 sisters. In any case it's a beautiful place too !

Anne said...

God morning Imac :-)

Of course I "know" you :-)
You, a true Norewegian friend. Just been her viviting and allways pretty pictures. Red about you in Rune`s blog you know, and "meet" you in SWF also :-)

Now I m here, happy to see all your great pictures.

Sp long, Anne.

Hyde DP said...

I've got a photo of the "suitor" with a sailing boat alongside to show the scale of the thing.

Did you go up Dalsnibba?

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

The Waterfalls are beautiful!

Pagan Sphinx said...

Wow. What a totally amazing series of shots, imac!

My seven sisters are a range of hills in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, New England, USA.

RuneE said...

You caught them very well - kudos to you.

BTW, did you know that there are seven sisters more in Norway? They are further to the north (Helgeland), but they are mountains.

Denise said...

Great scenery, superb photography and loved the sisters story.