Sunday, 9 August 2009

Odd Shot from Bergen (2)

The 'Art and SOUL of Bergen.
Its infact a shoe shop.
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jinksy said...

Full marks to the person who had the idea of sticking shoes on to provide decoration.

Tom said...

I love this series of 'Odd Shots' you do them so well.
Great to see Rune here again as well... and Julies picture is good... very good and again great to see you showing it off with pride.
My blogs: today show Park Flowers and Water Lillies

Rocky Mountain Retreat said...

Heh... neat idea. But gosh, these shoes must've belonged to the local giant, they look to be quite the large size! =D

Lynn said...

Soleful capture

RuneE said...

He found the shop while we where out sightseeing - and I hadn't seen it myself! Some guide - shame on me.

Jackie said...

Oh my! Can you imagine that here!! There would be people scaling the walls for shoes!! :)) That is a great shot...made me smile.

Lew said...

Your Mind's eye was working overtime on your travels! And sometimes we don't think something we see everyday is odd until someone else notices it. Great post!
PS: we are already looking forward to saying "Hello" to the boys!