Monday, 3 August 2009

Dalsnibba Mountain Norway.

Fasten your seat belts Bloggers.
We are about to take a coach ride up Dalsnibba Mountain Norway.
Anyone dont like hights - better get off now, you have been warned.

Winding road - Hair pin Bends.
Is every-one ok still?
No no no dont look down NOW
Whoops here comes a car on its way down,
hang on - I think one wheels off the road, we are now 3 wheels on the road, tis only a bit of dust, nay worry folks - our drivers - one of the best, only had one accident this year,lol.
There - told you so, we are fine, a little brush with the dust.
We are now at the top, Every one off, while we get a few shots of the snow and then we'll head on down.
The quick way
The slow way
Take your Pick.

To be continued.
Click to enlarge and Enjoy.

Dalsnibba, Geiranger Towers/viewpoints, Norway
Dalsnibba, Geiranger Towers/viewpoints, Norway


Gail's Man said...

I do have a problem with heights! Just stayed on the 30th floor of our Dubian hotel. Wasn't easy looking out of the window!

What adventure have you in store for us this week?

RuneE said...

You have now witnessed and documented the standard of the average Norwegian highway... :-)


Granny on the Web said...

Breathtaking! to be sure. Reminds me a little of when we went over the Pyrenees with our camper van, the early morning view was out of this world, well just like these.
Love Granny

Abraham Lincoln said...

YES, but look at the views. If the trains go up and down and you make it both ways, just look at the beautiful pictures you have.

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Ackworth born said...

ah yes you did go up there. I used to think the Bealach Na Ba to Applecross was the most hair-raising road I'd been on but the road up Dalsnibba knocks it into a cocked hat!

Pagan Sphinx said...

What a ride! Beautiful photos. The first one reminded me of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia but subsequent pictures reveal a lot more steep terrain. Must feel crazy to look down!

Tom said...


My blogs today show World In Miniature No.2 and our Granddaughter CaraJade