Sunday, 2 August 2009

Around Geiranger Harbour.

Boat - Rope - Steps - Buoy

Built on Solid Foundation?

Old Boat Sheds

Living Roof

Saga Ruby.

Click to enlarge and Enjoy.


RuneE said...

Nice ones ! I wonder if you could guess why that building on the wharf in the second picture stretched a bit beyond the edge?

Tom said...

Love those sheds.. what a great trip this must have been... your pictures from here are stunning Imac..... as always.

My blogs today show the Three Stags Heads Inn and 2 Magpies On A Bench

Anonymous said...

I love the greens and browns - very fresh colours. Is that a proper fjord? Impressive sights!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: That is such a neat place and you have a great eye for the unusual sightings.

Granny on the Web said...

Gosh! none of the houses/sheds look very safe. I hope the sea doesn't get too rough round there.
Love Granny

Anonymous said...

I want to be there.

Marka said...

I like the old boat sheds. They have a really neat rustic look to them. Are they still in use?

Denise said...

Wonderful set of photos, I love those living rooves. I remember them from my trip to visit my sister when they lived in Norway. Always fascinated me.

Catherine said...

Love the old boat sheds~especially the one with the living roof~wow! ~Think my hubby would let me have a living roof~seeing I'm such a gardening fanatic..:) maybe on one of his sheds.
Bet if I showed him these wonderful captures he might just like the idea! :)