Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Inside WaterWorld 2

1) = Hubble-Bubble
2) = Water ON the Wall
3) = Step inside the Circle of Water
4) = Curtain of Water-inside the Circle

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Cezar and Léia said...

Where is Julie?
Wonderful pictures!:)
Thanks for sharing!

RuneE said...

You do have fun... :-)

PS Thank you for the comments! I'm now at our cottage. Wireless technology only.

Hyde DP said...

this looks all very odd

Anonymous said...

I'd probably be the person that climbs through the wall of water - it's been sooo hot lately!

JaviZ said...

I'm commenting here this time but your images are really great, so charming and colorful. I like them all, specially your skies.

Javier Echaiz (your newest Follower from Argentina)

Lew said...

Fascinating posts and superb images you have while I was busy with family visits! From the hopping bird to classic cars to carnival to water - all are excellent. The water funnel is especially interesting and the protrait through the water circle gives new meaning to discombobulated!

George said...

Although all the photos are interesting, I especially like the watery picture of the photographer!