Saturday, 20 June 2009

imac's Photo n Poem.

by Stewart Mackinder.(c)2009.
Through the grapevine I heard that you had taken ill,
But I still stayed away working hard - untill,
I heard that you suddenly passed away in pain,
Heartbroken I fell to my knees sobbing in the pouring rain.
I had been away for many a year,
Now I'm coming home to shed more than a tear,
Although we were many miles apart,
Rose, my darling you were always in my heart.
I will never forgive myself for staying away,
Trying to make more money for us on a rainy day,
Now I'm bringing home-a red Rose bud for you,
Full of my tears and not of the morning dew.
This idea came from a painting I bought
from a great friend -who not long ago passed away.
God bless You.


Cezar and Léia said...

Dear Imac!
Outstanding poem and amazing picture!
Fabulous post! You always bring happiness to my heart and good feelings!
Be always happy dear friend!
God bless you
and purrs and love Luna(from Brazil)

George said...

The photo is absolutely gorgeous and the poem is beautiful. God bless you and thanks for sharing this beauty with us.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, what beauty. Thank you for the lovely, peaceful moments.

Anonymous said...

Time waits for no man is right. You hit the nail on the head. Thanks for visiting.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

how lovely... and what a beautiful picture...
you are so multi talented!
Happy Fathers Day tomorrow (here in usa)

Lew said...

Beautiful sky and rose in the photo and haunting poem! We tend to be so self absorbed, and not spend the time we should with our loved ones!

Rose said...

Photo and words are both beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful.

Your good at this nature photography thing. :)

Tom & Jane said...

I am sorry I did not see this earlier my friend... the words are beautiful... sad but beautiful..

Linda Higgins said...

This poem was very touching to say the least! Your posts are always amazing..I love visiting...