Thursday, 30 April 2009


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John said...

I do not know what it is called but I have had a sticker with these colors and light reflections.
Have a great weekend, imac.

Gail's Man said...

Think it is the plasticy wrapping paper that you can buy from the pound shop for, well a pound!

Cezar and Léia said...

that "car light"maybe... LOL

Anyway, I liked a lot and I think it's really cool!
I'm curious now!

Dear Imac, have a nice weekend!
I will be "on the road" with family, visiting my mommy!She lives far away from here.
I will miss your posts!Take care okay!
See you next week!
God bless you

ancient one said...


Olivia said...

i think it's a sticker :] it;s very cool

Sara G said...

Looks like a close up of a microphone!

Beautiful photo!! Love the color

fishing guy said...

Mac: What a neat look a a sheet of diamond pattern metal with your Christmas light in the reflections.

Lew said...

Almost a prism effect with the light across (or behind?)the item. You have been busy! A great bunch of photos on your recent posts, especially the rainbows and wood creature. Is the wood pile the remains of the slain dragon?

Gattina said...

Makes me think of the grid of my exhaust hood over the stove !