Monday, 16 March 2009

The Storm at Ruston Gardens.

Looks like rain folksIts getting darker ----the Heavens are going to open.
Its spitting.
Run for cover -----
its chucking it down - cats n dogs stuff

Its stopping - lets make a dash - put the umbrella up Dear....

After the Storm --sunshine - an its wet - i've only got sandles on!!

Tuesday brings water again--come visit and see.


RuneE said...

At least you have a nice garden to get wet in - and think of all the water the plants need :-)

Anonymous said...

Were you wearing socks as well?

I've watched some BBC programmes on Norfolk (Coast and the paintings one) and have been thinking it would be a nice place to go. I'm really enjoying your pictures from there!

jinksy said...

That rain photo is the best I've ever seen - who else takes photos of raindrops on roses? Now, how about the whiskers on kittens?

(Roses-poses, flowers are flowers, right?)

Salty said...

If I can I beat a hasty retreat when the rain comes but you my friend brave the storm with your trusty camera, Bravo!

Lovely shots of and incredibly beautiful garden Imac!

chrome3d said...

Rain in the garden was VERY nicely captured.

George said...

Sorry you got caught in the rain, but at least you got some great pictures out of the storm.

Marka said...

Wonderful colors! I especially like the second and fourth ones.