Sunday, 1 June 2008

Broer Som Binder = Bridges Between

Broer Som Binder = Bridges Between.....To see who's participating, visit Runee.


Just a few years ago, we would have had to travel to see our Friends, then came the Letter (mail). When Alexander Bell invented the Telephone all we had to do was Dial.

Now we have Computers Which brought us instant e-mail, then along came Web Cams and Microphones which meant we could now speak and see our friends. This meant of course we made many more Friends from all over the World. In an instant.

To show this in photo's - you can see that I took my photo and Place where I live, Also Runee photo and place where he lives then we have the Time bridge incorparating Travel also Computers in 2008 when and where I met my Friend Runee.(hopfully we are still friends after this )(lol).



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i beati said...

so clever sandy

Outhouse Capital of Canada said...

That is a great idea for the bridge theme, where is the clock tower, I can see it is on a bridge.
On my UK trip,
I drove down and back up the 'A1' enroute to Diss to visit family, the A1 is like a motorway now, all the roundabouts are just about gone, different from 50 years ago when it was 'The Great North Road'
I posted my bridge,take a look

Lew said...

Communications technology does make a great bridge, both across time and in an instant. You got it captured in photos. My bridge will be posted later on Monday, US time.

RuneE said...

That was a grand idea - loved it! The essence of the net, blogging and bridging in one post. Neat!

I'm glad we have to thank Mr. a.G- Bell for more than the busy-signal...

Anonymous said...

Very nice bridge. And a great tribute to Rune.

FANCY said...

Using the technology like a bridge between humans and nature that is one real hit...My bridge is up to ;-)

Ackworth Born said...

Great post for the theme - I thought that the clock was Chester at first but perhaps it is Lincoln.

Anemone said...

Really a nice post. !! You have had å lot of work in those pictures, and the idee !!? Love it.

...All over the world...

Nice day to you.

Marie said...

Great bridges between post :)

Liv said...

Technology is a wonderful bridge, it's a crossing bridge in every sence. I love this post!

Anonymous said...

A great post! Building bridges is a wonderful use of technology for the good of all.

John said...

That was a wonderful idea, imac!
Great post.

Your EG Tour Guide said...

Ah, your post has certainly caught the spirit! Very clever.

Tiago R Cardoso said...
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Daniel J Santos said...

This is a great idea for the post, excellent.

Ackworth Born said...

I thought it was Chester but the post read (the place where I live)and I thought it couldn't be - at that time the google-earth pic of you in Grantham wasn't showing (the one of Rune was) - blogger was been very slow earlier and so it might not have loaded.

Texas Travelers said...

Interesting Post.
Great Idea.
I always find something interesting here.
thanks for sharing this clever bridge.

Our Bridge is Built.
Come visit,
Troy and Martha

Ida said...

A very clever idea and thought!
Great "Bridges Between" post!

Anne-Berit said...

This was a great idea for Bridges Between.Sorry I`m late,but my computer has failed me today,but now It`s working again,hmmm!

Katney said...

Nicely done.

Paulie said...

Unique way of showing the bridge.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent post