Sunday, 8 June 2008

Beamish back in Time cont

Ahhh there you is folks, did ya all enjoy your jog round our town of beamish in yer Horse n trek.
Whats that yer say - apart from t horse s*****g, well it makes tatties grow yer know.

Right its off t the Sun Inn fer lunch now dont fight yer all will be searved by Maggie, shes a goodun yer know.

An I'll av Pint o yer best an a pork pie please Maggs.ta love.

Enjoy yer lunch and we'll carry on the tour after yer alls refreshed.


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Anonymous said...

I do like your sepia tone prints. Nice work.

Salty said...

Excellent sepia work. It really does look like a trip back in time. Beamish must be a wonderful place to visit.

Gattina said...

That's a place for me !!

Gary said...

Haddaway man, ya divent wanna be puttin hossmuck on ya tatties, butta's much nicer!

Them phota's a reet grand. Hope ya enjoyed ya dinna!


Anonymous said...

excellent back in time series.

fishing guy said...

Imac: You certainly are taking us back in time with these photos.

Old Wom Tigley said...

Excellent.. now then that pint and a pie... I bet thhe cost soon got you back to 2008 ;O)

AphotoAday said...

That last shot of the beer and cake(?) looks great...   Very inviting!   Am loving these shots of Beamish.