Wednesday, 26 March 2008

They need Help

Shhhhh, they are here, Shhh. As I was walking along the shore at Canvey, photographing the rowing boats, there in the middle of this broken up boat was this?? As I bent down its main tube like spore brushed along my arm, talk about shiver, wow, it stuck to my arm and I could understand what it wants, It wants the salt air thats around the sea ports and coast. It confirmed that they wont harm anything but needs to suck up the Salty Air.It then let go af me and started to make a sucking noise and waving its Pores around.If you should come accross one of these Creatures, just let them continue - for it will be ok.
As to where they come from its far off in outer space and they float down and land some where to hide and then grow. They call themselves Gloxipoxouse.
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Ex-Shammickite said...

Scary aliens from goodness knows where.
Be afraid... be very afraid!

ANNA-LYS said...

What an amazing capture! :-D
The even more scary thing is that when sucked Your salty skin they leave a formula on You that works as height enhancer, some people get a new life afterwards.

Sharon said...


smilnsigh said...

Precious photo! Long as it was _you_ they wanted to suck on, that is! ,-)