Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Steam Train Ride from Pickering to Grosmont

HAPPY BIRTHDAY RJ-come and join us.
Toot - Toot - Toot. All aboard our Steam Train from Pickering to Grosmont.
We're riding the 6619 engine, as we chug out of Pickering Station we amble down the carrage corridor, we find an empty compartment and sit down in fairly comfortable seats, with tickets in our hands, as the guard comes and clips them.
It takes about an hour to reach Grosmont.
The price to travel by steam is £14 each.
As we pull out of Pickering the next steam train pulls into the station.

To be continued.

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Sharon said...

You couldn't have better timing, today is RJ's birthday! :)

Travis said...

I am fascinated by trains. Every year I take my students on a train ride. Are trains common where you are at? There are many around here, just not many you can ride on. Wonderful photos.

Lilli & Nevada said...

HMM i sent one and it went woooosh, Ok so if this is a duplicate just delete it.
I said i would love to be on that train as it has been yrs since i rode one.

Old Wom Tigley said...
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Kerri said...

Oh What FUn! That corridor looks REALLY Narrow!