Sunday, 2 December 2007

Raining Fish???

Well???? what do you know???? Raining Fish or what????. We came home this afternoon, after going to Manthorpe Village Church to their Christmas Tree Fayre,-- and we found this - this-this- Fish Head laying on our front lawn. I cropped the photo, because it looked gross, with its head just lying there.Best thing was we were meant to call at the shop to get a loaf of bread.haha.


Me said...

How wonderful... one never knows what treasures one will find once one steps out one's door!

dot said...

Which would be better fish or cats and dogs?

DeeMom said...


But I jest

Old Wom Tigley said...

It's rained fish in the UK before Imac... look at this on BBC News...

I like your posts.. you always put you heart and 'Sole' into it. ha!

smilnsigh said...

A fish head on your front lawn?!? That isn't anything like the horse's head left in the bed in 'The Godfather' is it? -evil giggles-

Oh I should be ashamed of myself, for that remark.

I should be.

But I know you'll laugh!

Mmmmm, I hope you'll laugh!



Mike said...

He look miffed. And the rest of the story is....?

zakscloset said...

haha, i'm with deemom! he probably escaped from a local sushi restaurant!

Sharon said...

How bizarre!! (I would've taken a pic too!)