Sunday, 2 December 2007

Monet's Garden Post 4

Well who do we have here????Seems to be a happy couple in love.:):)Just to prove we do go to these places.haha. Waterlillies. Monet's fav flower to paint.
Long wiew of the lake.
This view is looking towards the Japanese Bridge, which is the famous bridge in one of Monet's paintings.

To be continued.-------------------


YesBut said...

I've heard so much about this garden.
It took such dedication to design and construct - but all worth it when you see the result

Old Wom Tigley said...

I love this place... I think my camera would be red hot from use here.
A nice picture there of such a loving couple.. but that shirt... it looks like the virtical hold as gone on the telly.. ;O) Actually I like it.

oldmanlincoln said...

Ages ago when I was still painting pictures I had a collection of artists books and Claude's among them and this garden was featured. I enjoyed looking at it back then and still would except I gave all my art books to my artist son.

Your photographs of this place are a reminder of why I should have kept the book.

I wanted to describe the White Porcelain Duck I photographed this morning. I did put a picture of it on my Birds Blog as it is a new species I think.

lv2scpbk said...

Nice photo's. I love places like these. So peaceful. We're getting snow today. Brrrr.

dot said...

What a nice looking couple you are! I enjoy your pictures.

Kerri said...

Lovely shot of you and DW! This looks like such a beautiful place....I think one could spend days and days (or weeks) looking at all of this beauty! Thanks for sharing this!

Lilli & Nevada said...

Wow those are amazing photos, looks like a swamp area.

And it is nice to see the better half of you. LOL. you both are a very happy looking couple. How many yrs?