Wednesday, 5 December 2007

kings Ransom

Whos willing to earn a Kings Ransom for a drop of water.
In a land, where Water is nowhere to be found, there lives a King who offers a Kings Ransom if anyone finds water for the people of his Kingdom, all their vegitation is now exhausted and there's no food to be found anywhere in his Kingdom.
To be continued.-----


DeeMom said...

WHOA this is DEEP
Excited to see what this is going to open into

Got my curiosity peaked

Sandy Kessler said...

fascinating at first I thouight a Shakespearean King in there ha

Ex-Shammickite said...

I see the Water King with his Crown... I see I shall have to return on the morrow for more.

Catherine said...

Interesting...curious to hear more!
Neat photo!

Jules said...

This sounds like australia!!

great photos yesterday - love the place!!!

YesBut said...

What is that?
Can't be a better reaction to a picture than - interest.