Wednesday, 17 October 2007


Hello, er my name is Ralph, I remember, I remember when I was hard at work many years ago, I used to be farmer Toms new toy, you know. I'm Ralph, Did I say!.
10 years ago to this day it were, yep 10 years ago his son John took over the farm an he went out and bought 4 new tractors and put me out to pastures. He said Ralph, thats my name yer know, Ralph he say, its time you retired to the seaside for a rest.
Now I pass my time away hauling holidaymakers up an down the beach, so they dont have to walk for a paddle. I'm called Ralph yer know, did i tell you -----------.


zakscloset said...

you are quite a writer! i love your story!!!

smilnsigh said...

Pretty cute entry! All round.

The way I happened to come by here is... I saw your 'name' {imac} in comments. I love cyber 'names.' What people use on blogs and mailing lists and what they use, as their e-mail addys.

And I LUV my iMac.

So I had to come over and see you.

Looks like fun to be had here, so I'm glad your 'name,' pulled me in. Even if it may not have anything to do with your computer choice.


Juhi said...

Ralph does talk well..I am sure he enjoyed his years in service to Tom... Its ok Ralph..we all get old and replaced...its a part of life...

Cute post...

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for your nice words, in a comment! Of course I don't mind that you linked to my blog. It's quite lovely. After all, if we are on the World Wide Net, we want someone to come around and look. :-)

Only one teeny, tiny point... I spell my name with an 'i' at the end of both. {Mari-Nanci} Sorry to be picky, but... Am I forgiven? :-)


Old Wom Tigley said...

Very good, maybe the farmers son was ....wait for it..... An Extractor Fan... sorry I'll just get me coat.

Great post

imac said...

Nice one Wom Tigley,
1 up to you.:)

ASH's Eye said...

Ralph seems pretty well-adjusted. Didn't know a tractor could be "put out to pasture"!

I think we'd all be happy to retire to the beach :)

photowannabe said...

That's a great "first person" story. You have quite a way with words and Ralph is very handsome even with muddy shoes.

Mike said...

The old ones are the best!