Monday, 1 May 2017

Something New
by Tom our Friendly Fishing Guy

Now isn't that just so
with just having bought a NEW Camera
A Bridge Camera
Nikon coolpix B700

As my Header shows here
The Large camera and Lens has a 300 zoom attached, where as the NEW Camera has a zoom of 1400.
So - Let me show you what my New Toy can do.
Laying flat out and far away, this looks cool eh?

Newly laid Tadpols in there Home b4 hatching.

Mighty zoom into Rain drops in a Leaf.

Moon Shining Bright with the planet Saturn,to the right and a star below.

Now lets zoom into our Moon
No crop, just zoomed to 1400 where the Full Moon fills the page, Now how about a crop on the Moon

But lets go one better - lets zoom right into the Planet Saturn
Blurred - I know, But init just a WOW ?

Well thats - WHATS NEW from me.

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See ya-alll Next week.

LATEST NEWS - Julie has this camera now and I have a Nikon Bridge P900 and the zoom on this camera is 2000 - Lookout for photos from my NEW Camera


George said...

I can hardly wait to see what you can capture with your new, new bridge camera.

Katney said...

And I have been impressed with my 50x zoom.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very nice little camera Mac.

imac said...

Many thanks George its A-MAZE-ING

imac said...

You will have to up grade Kathy, and only a Bridge Camera's

imac said...

Thanks MDF Fishing Guy (Tom)