Wednesday, 1 July 2015

01-07-15 - Water by Lew.

1st, thanks for all the Birthday wishes, sooo kind folks.

My Mate took ill and ended up in Hospital on the 2nd day, very low blood pressure and may need a pacemaker fitted and a stent in the neck as the blood isn't getting to his brain all the time.
He's now out of Hospital but has to see his doctor and fix up with his Hospital to sort out his problems at home.
It seems he just shuts down for 24hrs, when he wakes up, he does not remember a thing.

Our main idea was going to a large Wool Fest, where lots of stalls selling all sorts of gifts, fabric ect ect. Also all breeds of sheep on show.
Poor Barry, he didn't want to go to the show, bless him.

Water by Lew.
Today is going to be the Hottest day on record here in the UK (so they say) Flipping hot now and the day just getting started, so Water is a 

My Header
is whats needed - A Heavy downpour of Rain
to freshen up the wonderful colours of Summer.

My Post Pics
Seeing is Believing? 
A flooded Birmingham city centre.?

Ducks swimming through the Clouds

Muddy Water tracks from the Farm Tractor.

A fish swimming through Space? 
coming up to the surface of his Pond?

Wanna take a shower in all this Heat?
then be my guest under this Waterfall.

A cool green pond, with trees all around, what a place to sit and think or just to relax.

OR why not just sit and think by a cool lake, and toss in a pebble and see the Ripples spread.
No-one around, only You and your thoughts.
Ripples and Reflections in HEAVEN.

Or was it the constant drip of a tap that made the ripples in the Lake??

A Place to visit if you have never been to.
Monet's Gardens and the  famous Bridge and water Lilies.
Pure Magic

Reflections of the Past?
A Photo to sit and Ponder over - maybe.

Yikes - that chaps gonna get his feet wet.

Well - thats my Water Photos for today - 
Nip across to my side bar - near my shield and see what the other HEADBANGERS have on water by Lew.



Lew said...

Sorry to hear about your friend. I hope the Doctors take care of his health! Wonderful selection of water shots! My favorites are the ripples and the water drop. And a farming lesson learned "Don't walk behind the tractor after the snow melts!"

George said...

I'm sorry to hear about Barry's health problems, but I hope he is soon on the mend. Your water pictures are as beautiful as ever. I don't think I could pick out a favorite if I had to, but the waterfall sure looks tempting.

Katney said...

A great collection, and as George says, can't possibly pick a favorite.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Nicely done Mac, sorry to hear about your friend. You had some water ant the town square.

heritagemom said...

What a great collection. Your header looks like a watercolor painting. At first, I liked one photo best, then I kept scrolling down. I can't pick one, there are so many that are beautiful in several different ways. Thanks for sharing all these this week, Mac!

Anonymous said...

First: All the best to you pal!
Second: You really know how to handle water ;-)