Monday, 10 April 2017

our theme this week is
by Christine.

My Hidden Photos have a slight twist to them.
"Here we go again"  - I hear you say- lol

M Photos are maybe you can say Partly Hidden is some ways - but  - Lets just get on with it shall we!!
You will see as we progress.
My Header
Sneaking a peek.

Lets move on 
One legged? Not just a slightly hidden leg.

Nearly hidden, would be if we were not near the exit of the tunnel.

More Coming
Who's hidden under all that make-up and gear?
Going back some years now, lol,  too many to mention. lol

Tis nearly time to go
Times almost hidden here - slightly protruding, as such.
Now - here's something for you all to think about

Hidden Thoughts
within the Corridors of your Mind!
Taking a stroll through the corridors of the Mind
Looking for all those HIDDEN thoughts.
(Thought Provoking)
Gee-thats yer lot Folks.

Nip across to my side bar and find all the other HEADBANGERS near my shield and see what they have HIDDEN.



George said...

I enjoyed your header and each of your other photos. I'm glad you haven't hidden your talenr and your sense of humor.

imac said...

Thankee MDF George

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

I liked the goose the best Mac.

imac said...

Thankee MDF Tom

Katney said...

Interesting as always!

imac said...

Many thanks Kathy, different I know, thats ME lol