Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Though the window - showing frame
by Mac

Welcome Back to the HEADBANGER'S 
Hope ev1 has had a great Summer Break and come out showing your wonderful photos Team, for all our lovely friends.

Julie and I have had a week in Brittany also a week in Southern Ireland and have some wonderful photos.
But todays are from previous Holidays (Vacation).

My 1st Through the Window is my Header.
Most unusual shot.
From Penzance - Cornwall.

Through the windows of the Glass Pyramid in Paris - with the added bonus of me reading a book inside,lol.

Something a little different - looking through the framed windows in the roof of a building.

Something different again, a poster of a window showing Film Stars from the past - how many can you name?

Looking through one pane of a window in a door, with lead framing.

Another lead framed window from St Ives, (a place close to our Hearts)
Our Holiday flat (apartment) in St.Ives
Lovely view from the Window.

Another view from a different Holiday flat in St. Ives.

Another holiday view from  the window.

View from Monet's house window with a view of his famous Garden.

Well folks, 
Thats yer Lot
for this week.
Pop back next week for another Header and post pics for your delight.


George said...

Thanks for giving us some beautiful peeks through the windows of your holiday travels.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Very cool collection of window shots Mac.

Lew said...

You have captured some great scenes through the windows! Very nice work with the camera!

Christine Soto said...

You've seen a lot of amazing views on holiday, Mac! Great photos all around.

Anonymous said...

You always make Cornwall seem so tempting!!!!