Wednesday, 6 January 2016


Far Far Away - by Kathy.
Welcome Back Folks
We started this New Year off to a Great Start, lol
We both had the Flu, Julie is still coughing and spluttering (bless her).

My ideas of Far Far Away is TIME
Time long long ago
My Header
Also used to Time your eggs Now
Time to travel back in time
Far Far away
Log Long ago and Far back in Time
Folk used these old Tractors but b4 then Horses used to pull the Ploughs along.
Far Far away in time - Toilets, lol and the good ol bucket to flush.

Far far away back in time - Strange but I'm one of those folk that love to go around Grave Yards, and feel the History of time - Time Gone By Far Far Away.

Far Far Away back in Time, see how these steps have worn down, by lots and lots of Soldiers marching up and down these steps, Guarding their towns folk.

Far far away - back in Time, Once an Abbey for Monks, now all there is - is Ghosts living There.

Far Far away - in time, Before Man, Creatures like this used to live and roam our Planet.

But, lets travel through time - into the Future -  Far far away.
Man has Landed on our Moon, but just think how far far way - Man will be able to travel - in the Future? 

Far Far way - There are Planets out there in Space,   
How far far away could we travel? and how would we travel??
Would we travel by Space Ships? to Far  Far away other Planets -OR- would be travel Far Far away by 
A Time Machine?? 
and how Far Far Away could we go????

Let me Leave you with this Photo and Poem of Mine

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Far  Far Away - by Kathy.



George said...

You did a great job of traveling far, far away in both directions through time. Wonderful photos.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Beautiful captures through your time travels Mac.

Katney said...

I had thought today that it should have been long long ago and far far away.

Lew said...

Well done Mac! We are well along in unlocking the the doors to our ancient planet and have a start on those worlds far away!

Christine Soto said...

What a great collection of far away photos, Mac!

Betty Manousos said...

absolutely stunning pictures! well done, mac:)
happy new year!