Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Revisiting Old Headers

A little breather for all this week - only searching through past Headers.

My Header this week is - 
A celebration of our 1st year as HEADBANGERS.

here we have a little selection through our 6 years of posting.

Not in Order.

Dedicated to our Soldiers.

I love a little STEAM.

What would we all do without FRIENDS.

This day  - the Sky was full of RED.

Tis a pity Christine is away - she Loves Paris.

There's another World below the Waterline.

You wouldn't believe how long this took me to make,lol.

Just for a change - where would we be without our Flowers.

You need Lots and Lots of Stamina for this sport.

Here's where my sense of Humour comes in
Did I  hear a little groan - just then? lol

OK to finish off with
What better  way - than to finish off with,

Thats yer lot HEADBANGERS for this week.
Pop across to my side bar - near my shield to 
see what the Other HEADBANGERS are showing
for HEADER Revisiting.



George said...

I very much enjoyed this review of some of your headers.

Lew said...

Super collection of headers, Mac! Still love the reflected swans!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Neat show Mac, Thanks for sharing the headers.

visualnorway said...

You do have quite a collection - steam for me, please!