Wednesday, 27 May 2015


Well - hello there! its Silhouette Time.
Ive got a mixture to show you good folk, so, without delay - lets get on with it - 

My header
Took me a while which to choose to go with, a pretty picture or just a Silhouette?
Here we have a family day out at the seaside - in 

Post Pic Silhouettes
A Sunset Silhouette

 Camera Play
Partial Silhouette in these 2 shots
In this shot, a little more camera play,
facing a mirror - so the picture of St Ives is reversed.

Heavenly Light (in B/W) Silhouette
Sunset Church Silhouette.

City Silhouettes
London - Big Ben and Houses of Parliament 
Flags from a London Hotel

Back to the coast and one for our Fishing Guy
Silhouette Fishing chappie.

Silhouette Boats

Silhouette Trees

Silhouette underneath the Archway

Another Sunset Silhouette

To finish with
Silhouette Julie, in the mouth of a cave.

Thats yer lot Folks
Now pop over to my side bar-near my shield and visit the other HEADBANGERS and see what they are showing in Silhouette by Kathy



Lew said...

Lots of great silhouettes, Mac! My favorite is Big Ben and Parliament.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Beauties Mac, BTW that wasn't me.

ju-north said...

Hard to pick a favourite! All great!

Katney said...

You have a great collection.

Christine said...

Wow, you've got a LOT of great silhouette shots! I found just a few in my repertoire; I have to get out and shoot more! I LOVE your header.

Anonymous said...

You absolutely chose the right one for the header - very nice composition with an atmosphere to match.