Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Welcome to the Headbangers Challenge.
This weeks choice comes from Lew - Rooftop Views.

My song this week is  - Up on the Roof, sung by The Drifters.

Rooftops? my 1st thought was Rooftops from my travels, be it in the UK or across the oceans, as I checked  out my photos, every time I was drawn back to our favourite place - St Ives - Cornwall.

So -- Let me show you some of the wonderful rooftops of the some of the oldest buildings from  Fishermen Cottages to Churches of these lovely-romantiic Roof Tops.

My Header
St Ives Rooftops at Night.

You can see why we love this place --

Now -= how about some Rooftop Close-ups
Where we can see the colour of these old roofs and the zigzag shapes and sizes

Are you ready for this?
 Romance blooms on the rooftops
 2  Blackbirds - comes -a-courting

 Look here - Chimney Pots and Roofs cracked and covered in Lichen

Well, what did you expect - Washing hanging out from the Rooftops.

Hope you have enjoyed my Rooftops  - now please go to my side bar - near my shield and visit the other Headbangers and see their take on Lews Theme of Rooftop views.



Adam said...

nice buildings

Craver Vii said...

Always a treat to see things from your perspective, Imac! You bring "the wow factor" to your pics over and over and over again! Now climb down from there before we have to call the Fire Department!

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Wow, you already had these tucked away. How many went to St Ives? Did you meet the sevens?

Christopher Frost said...

Been clambering across the roof like a cat eh Stewie

George said...

These are beautiful photos, and I love the rooftops you've shown. I can understand why this is a favorite place of yours.

Jackie said...

Gorgeous views of the rooftops
You are a marvelous photographer!

Betsy Adams said...

Great group of rooftop photos, Stewart. I LOVE your header the most... Awesome!!!! But--I loved seeing the lichen on the roofs --and seeing those birds doing their thing.


RuneE said...

They are really the Tops!

Merisi said...

I am speechless - so beautiful!
These images make me wish I could pack my bag and head on over.

ancient one said...

Loved all your rooftops!

DeniseinVA said...

Brilliant photos Stewart and your header photo is stunning.

Thanks for stopping by my SWF post and wishing you a great weekend.
An English Girl Rambles

Gattina said...

Gorgeous pictures, I have to go to St. Ives !

Anonymous said...

Those are some lovely views!

Rick said...

You really gave us a high with those views, Stewart !

Loved your b&w series.

Linda said...

Wonderful series of photos!

Ramakant Pradhan said...

You have a lovely collection of rooftop images.
And I certainly didn't expect the last picture, very difficult to imagine a clothesline on a rooftop :)

James said...

I love your photos! St. Ives looks like a wonderful place!

James said...

I love your photos! St. Ives looks like a wonderful place!

Betty Manousos said...

such great views!
terrific shots as usual.
...and those beautiful rooftops made me realize how much i miss england!