Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Hello Headbangers
Joining us is Richard (neverwithoutacamera) Mcguire from Scotland ) where my ancestors came from.
Welcome Richard - who starts next week.

Theme for this week is STRIPES from Christopher.

My music playing is Tiger Stripes.

My header.
Noahs Ark in apricot & whits Stripes

which turns out to be  = The famous Southwold Beach Huts (well worth a visit)

My Post pics  are for the Lady Headbangers - see if you know where they are from??

Any ideas yet Ladies?? Nice n Stripy


Are we getting any where near yet Ladies?? or are the Gents onto it yet??


Yes - of course you have it now -- dont you??

We are in Paris,  The most romantic city in the world.
Click on GALERIES LAFAYETTE  for more info
Shopping Centre of Paris..
When you Ladies have finished????? 
why not try a coffee

in one of Paris;s many cafes. With their Striped sunshades.

For something completely different

For the Headbanger Men folk

Pop over to Ireland and try on one of their striped hats.
All the luck of the Irish you know.

Nice to have our full quota of members now that Richard has joined us.
Lots of photos and fun abound.

Pop over to the other Headbangers and see their take on STRIPES.

Good Luck.


katney said...

Well, I am not much of a shopper and I don't drink coffee. But I do recognize the Irishness of the hat--having the Irish on my side of the family (the Scotsmen are my husband's.)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Love it Mac, some great shots with wonderful results. Stripes are ablazing on your post.

George said...

I like your header and that beautiful stripped hat, but I had no idea at all about the shopping center. But that glass dome and the court is very impressive.

Gina Duarte said...

My, how you get around. I am so jealous not to be able to go nation hopping as the Europeans do!

Gorgeous, gorgeous shots of that beautiful ceiling. Really enjoyed them!

SandyCarlson said...

The striped hat is perfect on that handsome model! What a shot.

This is a gorgeous post, my friend. I love the color.

Gattina said...

Love the header ! makes me think of my holidays at the English coast !
It's ages that I haven't been in the Galerie Lafayette ! I don't like Paris, since I spent 2 weeks living there helping a friend to move in her new appartment. People are so unfriendly, unpolite, and take themselves for the belly of the world. All Frenchs don't like the Parisians neither.

photowannabe said...

What a fun group of stripes you have posted. Loved them all. Very clever.

Denise said...

Wonderful photos, I especially liked the last one ;)

RuneE said...

I will have to go to Paris again - but maybe without the hat :-)

ladyfi said...

Wow - that is a gorgeous gallery! The dome is lovely.

Craver Vii said...

Wow, that dome is impressive! We would never attempt that near my home, because if the heavy snowfalls don't bring it down, a tornado eventually would. That looks like a neat place to visit.

Oh, and that's a fine chapeau, mon vieux!