Friday, 3 August 2012


 Let me show you around Bruges, - Have you got your walking shoes on? then we'll begin.
The coach drops us off at the edge of the old town --
 Now, isit this pretty - and there more --Much more -

 These Apartments are only for the elderly ladies, and theres a long long waiting list

 Bruges -  the Chocolate city of the World --

 Boat trips - ok thats later--
 Support for the Olympics

 See the wonderful buildings --

 Tree lined roads
 OK we' ll go on the river now then -- but
 1st time for the loo - and thats even a pretty place too.

 Off we go - Cameras at the ready --

 Mind your head,

 Why cant the British build like this?

 The Belfrey --

 Just look to your right

 More chocolate - did you say?

 More walking - the square

 Similar to the Town Hall

 Post cards  - to send,

 Just look at this

 A heaven for the Artists

 My Title for this is ---- Man destroying the Planet

 Music to your ears

 Time to catch the coach now - but which way -- ah yes follow me--

 Isit this Beautiful, just look at these reflections of that bridge
Well -- thats it folks, come back for another city-other Country,,,,.


Denise said...

What a gorgeous city and a great pleasure to go on this tour with you through these marvelous photos. Thank you my friend. Looks like you and Julie had a super time.

Jackie said...

Super photos (as usual!)
I'm enjoying the Olympics this year...think of you and my friends from across the pond each evening as I am watching them.
I'm so glad that you and Julie had a good trip. You are enjoying time spent together, and how wonderful that is to me. Warmest hugs to both of you.

Gattina said...

Strange, strange ... I know this place so well, lol ! It's not very far from Brussels and each time we have visitors from abroad we take them there, lol ! Nice publicity for the city !

George McKay said...

Your pictures certainly convinced me that Bruges is someplace I'd like to visit! Thanks for the preview!

Christopher Frost said...

We all needed a good walk after all eating all that chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots. I hadn't realized how beautiful Bruges is!