Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Header Challenge 22-02-12 BLUE by Tom.

BLUE is our Headbanger theme this week by Tom.

My music for our BLUE theme this week is by Andre Rieu and his Orchestra playing The BLUE Danube.
Please listen and enjoy  - as you look - read my theme of Blue.

Now - Blue, whats Blue - Sad? = feeling blue - I do hope you all are not feeling blue this week.

Then there's blue - Sky and Sea, but I'm not showing great photos of these this week either.

Oh There's the Childrens Series of BLUE Peter - but alsa no.

BLUEs Brothers or BLUE   the group?

Ive already got MY BLUE Music - so its not them either.

My BLUE is vcry simple  - but very unique =
BLUE iron railings with BLUE words of titles of Books.
Captured  outside the Library in Cambourn - Cornwall.

Now my BLUE Posts are

My BLUE slippers  - as I have now retired from being a Hospital Porter for 27years - I can now take it easy

 As long as I dont end up in the BLUE Dog House with my DW .lol

Ah - but the upside of being Retired is that we can go on more Holidays by the sea  with these famous  wonderful BLUE chalets at Southwold.

Now go visit the other Headbangers and see what BLUE they have come up with.
You will find these friends of mine - on my side bar near my shield.



This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: Were you trying to injure my neck? First I twisted one way then the other to read the titles. I thought it was a bike rack. Your collection of photos are really neat.

Lew said...

No blue suede shoes for your dancing? But thosse slippers look like a better choice for your music. Great take on the theme.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Lots of great BLUES, Stewart... I like the blue dog house...

Gailsman said...

Can't see you being a slippers man myself. Always out and about taking great shots like these. I like the idea of books connected with a place. An obvious one for Nottingham is Saturday Night, Sunday Morning

Dave Cawkwell said...

Now are those beach huts the human equivalent of the picture above them?
Nice fond on those railings though.

George said...

I'm sure you will be not get into your DW's blue (or any other color) dog house. I like your blue slippers and all your other blue pictures.

Lanny said...

So what is the deal with the row of blue chalets, I want to know more.

Loved the header by the way.

Cezar and Léia said...

You got me curious to have a glimpse of the inside of the "doghouse". :)
God bless you!

Linda Higgins said...

unless your neighbor snores...this would be so fun and cozy! hehehe