Friday, 12 August 2011

Brass Bands at Skegnes

Saturday eve 6th August 2011 was the day that Skegness lights were switched on, and during the day Brass Bands were playing around Skegness for free, they were raising money for St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice - who cares for people who are living with a life threatening illness across Lincolnshire, here you can see some of the people collecting for these folk to help make life a little easier for them.

We saw two Brass Bands who were playing around Skegness the 1st were the Alford Silver Band who were playing in the park.

This young lad played a solo, pure magic he was The Alford Brass Bands history goes back to the 1860s when the town formed a Rifle Brigade Band, and was later reformed in the 1960s and has progressed ever since.

Here's another member playing solo -

A very remarkable Brass Band, who really entertained the public - really good music flowed from their instruments.

In the Afternoon we went to watch the Swineshead Silver Band - who were playing on the stage on the Tower Esplande.

Swineshead Silver Band was founded in 1886 and has played at fetes, concerts and sevices up to the present day.

Here's the conductor leading the Band in a swinging number.

All to soon its time to say goodbye, they finished with a rousing number that brought a great cheer from the crowd.
In the evening the Lights were switched on by StavrosFlatley - father and son duo. The evening show was hosted by Lincs FM's John Marshall.
But alas, we missed this as we were in the Embassy watching a very good show called "That'll be the Day"one of the bests show that we have seen for a very long time.
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George said...

I really enjoy brass bands -- I'm glad you were able to hear two good ones. I think Hospice is a great organization. I hope their fund raising was successful.

Craver Vii said...

Seeing the conductor made me chuckle a bit, because it reminded me of a story where an angry conductor berated his percussionist saying, "When an someone joins a band, and they have no musical talent, they give him a pair of sticks and make him a drummer." Someone retorted, "And when he can't even do that right, they take one of the sticks away and call him a conductor."

Denise said...

Nothing like listening to a good old fashioned brass band. Just love them, never dated, remember listening to them in my childhood and still enjoy them today. Lovely to see so many people out collecting for a worthy cause, even the little ones. Great photos my friend. Have a super weekend.

Gailsman said...

Like the band, you're very good at blowing your own trumpet!
I used to live not far from Alford, a very quiet farming village as I remember

Linda Higgins said...

there is nothing like a "good ole" Brass Band!

ancient one said...

Looked like a full fun day.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Stewart, Looks like a fabulous time--and what a great cause. My friend who died recently was in hospice --and it was wonderful for her ---and her family...

Rick said...

Love that header, Stewart ! And those bands are the very definition of longevity !

Glad to hear they raised funds for a very worthy cause. Great shots of the musicians.

Have a superb weekend Stewart.

Gattina said...

Was certainly a lot of fun. I hope the fund raising was successful too !

Dave said...

I'm the percussionist in a brass band and I love it. I've played most instruments in in too and it's one of the best experiences you can have. Great music great friendship. I'm glad you enjoyed the concerts up at Skegness both on the bandstands and in the Embassy theatre.