Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Phun Prize Post = Final

The winner kissed the Mud Sleeping Lady and awoke her, they Married and lived Happily ever after.

The Answers =

1) Monets Garden - Giverny France.
2) Lindisfarne (Holy Island) and St Aiden.
3) Lincoln Cathedral.
4) Island of Elba Italy.

Im pleased to announce the winner is -------------------- Rune - The Viking.
With 3 out of 4. Very well done. Sir Rune.

Regret that Craver the Laser, was the runner-up.
(who has a magnifico imagination.)
Well done Sir Craver.

Sir Rune you will receive your prize, which will be in the post by this weekend.

I would like to thank all the participents for your endevers and great play.
Clue-Less Teacher
Lew the Potion Maker
Sir Eddie Bluelights.
Also thanks to all bloggers who followed this Quest of the Sleeping Mud Lady.
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Craver Vii said...

That was good fun!! Thanks, Imac! :-D

Darla said...

Isn't that you and your wife's hands when you were married? You are quite welcome for me following along...too bad I couldn't answer any of the questions.

RuneE said...

Thank you so much Imac! This has been really Phun and I feel overwhelmed by the honour. And it also goes to show how much luck one needs against such stiff opposition.

I can hardly wait for the post to arrive :-)

ju-north said...

Are we getting back to normal now? Lol!!

George said...

Congratulations to RuneE. I've enjoyed following the adventures of your intrepid rescuers.

Starnitesky said...

I enjoyed look at all your phun, I am not too good with puzzles but enjoyed following it along. Well done to RuneE

Gailsman said...

If my brain had been working properly, then I might have joined in.

Teacher's Pet said...

Much fun, Stewart!
I love the photo....and the knife that cut the cake....what a treasured photo that is for the bride and groom...to have a 'designer' cake knife.:))
You always do a beautiful job on your photos.
One day, I'm going to take a class on photography....in the meantime, I'm shooting from the hip...and enjoying it.
Thank you so much for this phun game. It was delightful!

Cezar and Léia said...

I loved this picture!
And...Congratulations for Rune E!

Craver Vii said...

When we are done, after retrieving all the comrades who were left behind, we're going to have a big pizza party at Imac's. Lew is buying.

ancient one said...

Very intertaining... and the photos were outstanding... Congrats to the winner!!