Monday, 27 December 2010


Do you want a BIT OF PHUN ? Do you want to win a prize? if so, all you have to do is help VIGRAD The Viking to rescue the Fair Lady - by answering questions on each of his misions, if you get the answer wrong - you will be eliminated. - There can be only one (1) winner (so it may come down to a battle with each other). To enter, I need an email from you to me saying you wish to enter and play ( + your name on this post - before Wednesday 12noon UK time. Competition starts Thursday -
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Pagan Sphinx said...

This could prove to be very interesting! But I haven't time, alas. Here's hoping you had a great holiday.

Pagan Sphinx

RuneE said...

OK - count me in! (Someone has to represent the Vikings :-) )

imac said...

Nice one Rune.

Linda Higgins said...

Somewhere in my mother's line she is of Viking Heritage...LOL so I guess that makes me somewhat of a Viking too! Oh DEAR! I am going to have to look this one up through the ancestor history chart!

Teacher's Pet said...

I'll that I will be the first one eliminated. That will make everyone else feel better.
I'll do it for my blogging buddies!
Count me in, Stewart.

Craver Vii said...

A Puerto-Rican Viking? I have heard it said that Vikings discovered America. I come from the most brilliant of those Vikings who knew better than to stop at Canada, but kept going to the Caribbean Islands. Count me in!

Now where did I put my dragon-scale buckler and horned helmet?

imac said...

At the moment in time, we have 3 brave folk who will help Vigrad in his attempt to save the Lady captured.
Rune, = a true Viking
Teachers Pet, = a real educated Lady
Craver V11 = Who owns a light lasa

Anonymous said...

Interesting post that made me smile.

Gattina said...

Too lazy to participate, but I just imagine Mr.G. going shopping in this outfit ! Must be quiet heavy !