Saturday, 17 July 2010

Babies and Bloggers

.Oh my, hungry babies waiting to be fed.

Then along pops Mum.

A short break from Berwick just to show 
the Babies from Holy Island and the 
Meeting of a Blogger Friend
Ju North = Julia and her DH Keith.
Julia is a very Artistic and clever lady 
with her Mixed Media and Photography
A very pleasant meeting and lots of chatting about blogging
and of course other things.
A walk up to the Castle 
around the village and pop 
into the pub for a pint...
A great day was had by all on Holy Island.

Julie and I Thank you  friends for a wonderful day..

Julia and Keith.


ju-north said...

We enjoyed the day too!! Lovely to meet you and Julie

Thumbelina said...

Ooh I see you've been to my neck of the woods (born and bred Northumberland).
Lindisfarne is a magical place. And Berwick. Have you been to Durham and Beamish yet?
Wonderful photos as always my friend. In fact, the quality of your work is something I take for granted on here and I almost forget to mention it!
Still got your cards - perfect work. Thank you.

And thank you for your visit at mine. I'll pop by now and again I'm sure!

Darla said...

Love the babies and oh how much fun to meet a fellow blogger!

√ Abraham Lincoln said...

I visited the link and was happy that I did.

I also enjoyed the baby barn swallows all eager to get an insect meal from pop and mom. Nice photos.

lv2scpbk said...

Birds look so cute looking for their next meal.

katney said...

Ooooh, sweet babies. The will probably have fledge by the time we show up. Packing already.

George said...

You got wonderful pictures of the babies and Mum! We always enjoy meeting blogger friends when possible.

Gattina said...

Wow, they look like little opera singers with their open mouth, only more cute !
How nice to meet other bloggers !

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Stewart, That baby birds have HUGE mouths don't they... Glad Mom and/or Dad came by to feed them... Great pictures !!!!

Isn't it wonderful to meet fellow blog friends? I have met several ---and hope to meet many more someday.

Have a good day.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: What a great shot of the swallow babies.

Sunny said...

It amazes me that such a little bird can open its mouth so wide! Wonderful pictures :)
☼ Sunny

Dave said...

In the photo of the swallow babies the one on the lefts mouth forms a heart shape. I am always awed at nature and how it works so well together. Thanks for these great shots.

lynnwiles said...

Oh what beautiful places you have been. The interesting thing about the bird babies is how their bodies almost blend into their surrounding leaving nothing but open mouths to be seen. Good way to survive I guess.