Sunday, 25 October 2009

2 Heads - a Neck - 2 Wings.

Gailsman and Gail met Julie and I for Sunday Lunch.
Then a stroll to take photos.

While we were strollong along the tow path of Grantham Canal
I took a few shots of the swans, also Gailsman himself.

Hence - 2 Heads - a Neck - 2 wings.

I must admit, its nice to meet fellow bloggers.
Its also great that we get along just dandy when meeting fellow bloggers, as we do just fine, even better when you can have a joke with each other, Like Gailsman is under the illusion that he's a better photographer than Nikon Mac.???
I ask all you fellow bloggers just visit his blog and check this out.


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Kerri said...

Lovely Swans! I'll head over to Gailsman's blog and see what he has :)

Anonymous said...

I like your photos here and I went to see your buddy and his work and commented there. Nice that you are friends and both are good photographers.

Teacher's Pet said...

Beautiful photos....cute title.
It is great when you meet fellow bloggers and get along so nicely.
I'm headed to Gailsman's blog.

Anonymous said...

I'll pick the wings!

Kichu $ Chinnu | കിച്ചു $ ചിന്നു said...

nice idea:)

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Mac: I'll check on this bloke but I certainly doubt if he is as good. Ask him to try our header challenge.

Willard said...

Dramatic, well done shots, imac.